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26 January, 2008

Thai House - Dunbar, WV

I had heard of the Thai restaurant in Dunbar a while back. I think it was probably through the old West Virginia Bloggers board. As far as I can remember it had some pretty good reviews, so on a trip back from Charleston a little while ago Ms Allclick and I decided to give it a try. A spur of the moment kind of thing. Our only problem was that we didn't know where the heck it was. Just that it was in Dunbar.

"Well Dunbar isn't that big" I said with a smile "Will we find it easily."
So, we drove through what I presume is the downtown area looking for it. On our first and second pass we found nothing so we pulled over at a hotel. One of those big chain things. I ran in and spoke to the *ahem* charming, older lady at the front desk. She looked like she may have never left the hotel in at least 40 years and had spent most of that time frowning.

"Hi, I'm looking for the Thai restaurant in Dunbar, do you know where it is?" (they surely isn't more than one Thai place in Dunbar so I thought she would know immediately.
"Let me get the phone book out, son" she wheezed in between cigarette pulls.
"Well I"m not sure of the name of it so I don't think the phone book will help." I said.
"You sure you are looking for a Thai place? We have a Chinese buffet just over there. That's it for Asian food."
"I'm certain it's a Thai restaurant."
"Son, there are NO THAI RESTAURANTS IN DUNBAR. We got a Subway, Mcdonalds, Captain D's and that Chinese but there are NO THAI RESTAURANTS IN DUNBAR."
I thanked her for her time and left.

So we ventured out again, driving away from the center of Dunbar. Ms Allclick spotted a gas station and suggested as a last long shot we asked for directions. I hopped out again (a little more slowly this time) and enquired about the elusive Thai restaurant.
"Ohh, sure honey. It's just up the road. Take a right just there" She pointed to a road I could see out of the window. "It's 'bout a mile down there and over the ridge".
Sure enough, there is was. A Thai restaurant in Dunbar.

It looked like a cozy joint from the outside and the inside. We soon discovered two problems. One you really should have a reservation for the place and two you really should have cash to pay for your meal. We waited nearly an hour for the table but it did give me a chance to learn some interesting new songs playing on the TV in there. The food was fantastic. Authentic, tasty and a good portion and price. The service was a little slow as they only have two front staff and one staff in the kitchen. I believe it's a Husband and Wife who own and operate the restaurant. The wife is the chef and the husband handles the phone, seats people, serves food, drinks, takes orders and everything in between. They had some help from a younger kid and I believe they were missing one member of staff that night. But the service wasn't bad enough to deter us going back. With a reservation.

On the way home I considered dropping off a take-away menu at the hotel but I doubt even that would have convinced her.


The Film Geek said...

Fun post. I've never eaten Thai food, so I might have to make the trip.

Why must I "really" have cash? No cards?

Jackie said...

This place rocks!! The food is great, the waiter/server/bouncer guy is scary and polite, and the weird "teevee" is mezmorizing.

Yeah, you're taking a chance just showing up...but sometimes you can get a table right away :D

All Click said...

TFG: I'm not much of a Thai food dan, but they have a wide choice. And yes they only accept cash. Non-sequential used dollar bills..oh wait..that's something else.

Jackie: He is scary AND polite. It's strange.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

It's off Roxalana Road, right? I've heard about it and wanted to try it out.

Thanks for the cash only tip - we always use debit cards, so we'd better stop by the ATM, huh?

All Click said...

ETW: It sure is! The City National ATM in town was out of cash when we went but cash back at Rite Aid is always available!

RedZeppelin said...

I love Thai food. Thanks for the review.

But I have to ask: Where exactly is the place? :)

All Click said...

It is on Roxalana Road...umm..

and their number is 304 720 3228.

I'll change my post so that you can get to their website by clicking on the piccie.

Mmm Thai said...

Pfft. You're giving out the address? Tracking it down using only a keen sense of direction and the north star is all part of the charm and adventure! Not to mention it helps develop a healthy (ravenous) appetite.

Buzzardbilly said...

I used to be allergic to peanuts (food allergies come and go at any time...freaky huh). Because of this, I've never tried Thai food. Curmy loves it though, so I may have to get daring and try. I can eat peanuts and things fried in peanut oil to my heart's content now.

Rebecca Burch said...

MMmmmmmmmmm, Thai food!!! I had some great stuff in D.C. and am dying for some good Pad Thai right now.

All Click said...

Buzzard: That IS freaky. You don't really taste the maybe that will help!

Rebecca: I didn't try the Pad Thai..but let me know how it is!

Jeff said...

The Pad Thai is awesome as is the pepper steak, the Thai iced tea and the atmosphere. Just don't ask for soy sauce.

jedijawa said...

That place is awesome!