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24 January, 2008

Who needs sleeping pills?

I seem to struggle for good, witty, clever titles with my blogposts of late, but despite that i'd like to talk about sleeping pills today so it's fairly apt. It was a pretty surprising thing to me, turning on the TV here and finding adverts for prescription drugs. It's probably one of the few things that is advertised on television that you can't actually just go out and buy on your own. It's banned in the UK but I don't really think it would take off much anyway as doctors aren't bothered by pharamacutical drug reps. they just use what the literature says. I suppose. I'll have to ask one. Anyway, I have seen a whole host of these adverts now. Viva Viagra always makes me smile. One I saw recently for sleeping medication kinda bothered me though. Especially as someone interested in the mental health care profession. I wish I could remember the name. It wasn't Advil or Tylenol PM. Something stronger I'm guessing. The advert shows that it doesn't matter what is keeping you up late or causing you problems sleeping, just take this pill and you'll go right to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Now I'm sure that some people really do just have trouble relaxing and getting to sleep without any environmental factors. But I believe that a large majority of people are probably up because they have problems to worry about, concerns, or issues. Simply taking a pill to help you sleep won't make these problems disappear overnight and I think that is what the drug company is praying on. The quick fix. My suggestion would be to try some relaxation techniques, stop putting pressure on yourself to get to sleep then own up to and accept your issues before you try and deal with them. Happy sleeping!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Well, that or a glass or three of wine at bedtime seems to help also.

All Click said...

ETW: Yep, that'll do it too! Are you talking about those glasses that hold an entire bottle of wine? :-p

Buzzardbilly said...

Oh how I miss over-the-counter codeine in the UK. What a concept?

I always wonder about the use of Abe Lincoln in the Rozeram commercials. Are they saying you'll sleep like you're dead or are they saying that past presidents with mortal head wounds would love it? I fear they'll start using the Zapruder Film to show how Rozeram would have brought the exploding shards of JFK skull back to his head.

Then again, that could just be me.

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