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30 January, 2008

Actors I never know the name of: (1) Steve Zahn

My memory sucks. I watch a lot of movies and get to see many actors. Many of them I forget consistently. Steve Zahn is one of those. So, having watched Daddy Day Care at the weekend and mastered his name and face I present a salute to the man. Here are some interesting facts:

Mother's name is Zelda Zahn.

Lost 40 pounds for his role in "Rescue Dawn".

Has two children, Henry and Audrey, with wife Robyn Peterson.

Is an avid fly fisherman. Owns a farm in Western New Jersey.

Is an accomplished singer/guitarist. He played lead guitar and sang in "That Thing You Do! and played guitar and sang in Saving Silverman.


Steve Adams said...

Steve Zahn deserves more roles than he gets.

RedZeppelin said...

I'm the same way with that one guy who was in that movie with what's-his name...

All Click said...

Steve: He sure does. He has great range!

Red: It's a serious condition for me. I wish the guys from pop-up video would do the same for movies I watch.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I have no clue who he is. I did see "That Thing You Do."

All Click said...

He was one of the musician's in that ETW. Oh and he looks like the guy in the picture here :-p

He is in Rescue Dawn..and that new film, Strange Wilderness.