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24 April, 2008

A few issues at Marshall

A few things in the news recently have caught my attention.. especially the increase in tuition fees and the new recreation center fee. Catch the whole story here. $150 fee per semester? I wonder how much plasma I'll have to donate to pay for that.

Also of note this week is the proposed smoking ban. I'll be happy if this comes into effect to be honest. I'm tired of walking through a cloud of smoke every time I have to enter a building and tired of breathing in the smoke when I wait outside a building. Watching maintenance guys standing around campus smoking is also something I could do without.

AND...parking at Marshall. Just a complete nightmare. $140 for a student parking pass..but guess what, no space to actually park your car. The staff haven't got things much easier as majority of the spaces force staff and faculty to cross one of Huntington's busy and 3rd or 5th Avenues which flood at the drop of a hat.

I think I'm more frustrated than usual because there is a attitude of apathy among student on campus and I doubt there will really be much protest for any of these matters.

Maybe I can transfer to WVU and get me one of those free MBA's I've been hearing about.

Man, my blog posts have been ranty recently. I'll have to post something positive soon.

Perhaps about my fantastic experience at the Hibatchi in South Charleston :-)


The Film Geek said...

Nah, you have every reason to be upset about most of those issues (I figure the maintenance workers deserve a smoke break). You are exists in a capitalistic society, where insititutions and individuals with power do what they will, without consulting with or having much thought about the powerless.

Let me know if you organize a protest.

RedZeppelin said...

I've never known a college campus where parking wasn't a major problem.

The Film Geek said...

Well hell, that sentence I wrote earlier didn't even make any sense. I was obviously under some strain when I wrote it, most likely trying to figure out a way to smoke in my office.

I should have said "living in" rather than the nonsensical "exists."

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I was very disappointed to see the (large, in my opinion) tuition hike, even though I no longer attend.

And when I did (from 86 - 91), parking was super hard to come by...I think they've added a bit since then. It will always be an issue.

Oh, and we went to Hibachi for my birthday. Are you stealing ideas from me again? ;-) (hee hee)

All Click said...

It's a funny story ETW. I'll post about it :-p (Hibatchi that is)