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17 April, 2008

Funniest moment on Food Network for a while


The Film Geek said...

I can't stand that damn hot dog song. I just wanna eat my hot dog in peace...:)

RedZeppelin said...

Beautiful. More great exposure for WV, complete with a classic painfully unnecessary run-up from Irr and Moss.

"They call them 'hot dogs' for a reason."

"That's right. Because they're anything but cold."

[nodding and smiling] "Right, but they sure go well with a cold drink."

[more nodding] "And as soon as I finish this drink, we'll finally get to the story and stop this forced banter."

[more nodding] "You bet!"

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Man, I totally want to eat there now....

All Click said...

The chatting between Irr and Moss is always cringe worthy. I want the news, not some friendly, mindless banter!

Did anyone catch the episode? I hear it will be on again this week.