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09 April, 2008


Never has a more apt name been coined for the time of cell phone you can now easily pick-up at any store practically. The Pay-As-You-Go phone. And pay you will. This month for inexplicable reasons my credit "expired" 5 days before it was scheduled too. I'm really looking forward to the customer service call that I'm going to have to take place but it may give me some insight into what the phone company actually knows about users on the Pay-as-you-go plan. Can they tell whether it was a clerical error? Did I actually spend my credit rather than it expiring early? And how will they know? I used to have a contract phone. It was a pretty good deal. A bunch of texts and minutes and I'd get a free upgrade every time I renewed my contract. Things seem to have changed recently though with the contract phone. Apparently now you have to sign yourself up for life in order to get a contract. A year was obviously too short a time for the money hungry phone companies, now they want your commitment for 18 months, two years. What will happen when that is not enough? Pledging your cell phone allegiance at birth?

At least with my phone I don't have to go through that contract business. I do have to put credit on about twice a month though. Mainly because AT&T like to send me "free" text messages that actually cost me a dollar if I hadn't used my phone that day. Thanks AT&T. What I find interesting is the automated service for recharging my phone, or paying bills from most companies actually. Have a listen. Next time you use one of those phone services and you enter in your card number, expiration date and maybe the zip code the phone will go silent then it sounds like you can hear someone actually typing in your information. Why is that? Have they just recorded someone typing or is it live? I may try screaming for help down my phone as I hear the noise to test it.


moneytastesbad said...

I used to work at ticketmaster, and they have some sort of automated system where you speak the name of the event you want to see.....

Anyway, there is a live person hearing that, and they type in what you say. It is just more efficient because they don't have to do things like say hello and have a nice day. Plus the customer usually wont cuss out a computer.

All Click said...

Hey Moneytastesbad!

Thanks for the info! I'll test that next time ;-)

That makes sense though cutting out the hello and have a nice day. It also means you can't complain about anything.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I use VirginMobile pay as you go for my (and hubby's) cell phones. I've had mine for years - never a problem and no excess charges or unusual charges. I just have to add money every 3 mos. I never use it all in that time period either.

Oh, you asked about cheesecake the other day and I forgot to mention Mayberry's in St. Albans. They do deep fried cheesecake - the cheesecake portion of it is probably Sara Lee, but it is super yum!

jennyville said...

I have an AT&T prepaid too - got one of those text ads today. It claimed that if I replied "Stop 2" to the message, I'd be removed from their spam list within 10 days. I'll let you know if it works. It gave me a confirmation text stating I would be removed, but I'm not believing it until I see it.

All Click said...

I did the same, Jenny. So far so good! Let me know if it works for you too.