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18 April, 2008

Here comes the sun

Looks like the warm weather is finally here. True, it's going to rain this weekend and it's pretty chilly overnight but at least it should brighten up again next week. I enjoy the summer...but of course there are always things to complain about:

1. Insects - Man, I can't stand insects. I can't bring myself to kill them but really hate bees, wasps, hornets, and any other flying things that decide to pester me during the summer. I usually just go into panic mode. Same goes for ants and gnats...except the panic mode. Ladybirds(bugs) are probably my only exception for no real reason.

2. Stupid clothing - Yes, you know who you are. You in those silly shorts that look like smart full length trousers but finish above the knee. And You, the guy in those flip flops. (On a side note, have you ever noticed that whatever time of day or year there is always some guy shopping wal-mart/kroger in shorts and sandals and t-shirt?)

3. Sweating - Not that manly sweat you achieve at the gym or on the B-ball court that you show off with pride and triumph. No, instead that face or leg sweat from it simply being far too hot outside and makes you stick to plastic chairs.

4. Sunbathers - I don't mind a little bit of sunbathing. Maybe read a few pages of my book or do a puzzle but after about 30 mins it's pretty uncomfortable. Usually because of (1) and (3). But it gets a bit much when all you do is sun-bath all day. To get a tan? To show off? Who knows.

5. Gas prices - Argh. Expect to see another blog post about this rant. $3.65??

6. T.V. - Why o why does T.V. have to lower it's standards over the summer? Is it a covert plan to force people into more exercise and other activities asides from watching T.V.? There are some of us who aren't (4)'s who want some quality programmes on the tube.

7. Co-worker vacations - I'm not talking about getting to go on vacations. I'm talking about when that fellow co-worker goes on vacation for 2 weeks either without giving you a heads-up or bragging about it for weeks. And either way completely screwing over that project you were working on/that reimbursement you were waiting for/that prank you were going to do.


rebecca said...

The gas prices are definitely killing me right now. Other than that, the other stuff isn't bad enough to make me take winter back. No way!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

TV - it's bad during the summer because most people are too busy to watch much then.

Insects do indeed suck big time, but unless they sting or are flies, I don't give them much cred.

Sunbathers - here in the US, we like to have something known as a "tan", it's when the melanin in your skin takes on a darker shade than "school paste".

Sweat - if you're from the South (in the US), and you use proper underarm precautions, the amount of sweat is almost non-existant.

And, finally, if you're Catholic - it's totally appropriate to wear flip flops and shorts to Mass. :-)I see it every week! LOL!!!!

All Click said...

Lol thanks for the comment ETW.

What is this "tan" you speak of? Is that the people I see with the bright orange faces and white necks? :-p

Underarm sweat I can handle. It's leg sweat and face sweat. Maybe I'll use my deodorant on my face ;-)

The Film Geek said...

Dude, my three day weekend wasn't really a vacation...:)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

No - those are folks who use the self-tanner lotions or creams. LOL.

SPF 15 said...

The ones who are habitual "natural" sunbathers are the ones that develop the look of a year long tan from all of the age spots that connect after years of abusing their skin in the sun. Some people still put vanity ahead of health. A little sunshine is good for you. Laying in the sun for hours is not.