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09 September, 2008

And back to the point

Well I'm going to wade out of politics and elections as that really isn't my strong point...and instead lets talk about sci-fi. Something that I do have a passion for. But first...

I watching tv the other night when the missus had put the FX channel on. A staple in their movie selection seems to either be X-men or I-robot and luckily this evening it was the latter. As we enjoyed the end of the movie I leaned over to Ms. Allclick and said "You know, this is nothing like the book". She wasn't interested in knowing that and I don't blame her, there was really no response. So, I began thinking about the nature of blogs and where the content comes from, as I frequently do. An obstacle for me sometimes is that I'll have a topic that I want to blog on, then I'll speak to someone about that issue, get it out of my system and forget about. In this instance, I didn't speak to Ms. Allclick about it so I get to share it on my blog. In other words, a discussion I didn't want to inflict on people I know gets to be read by people I don't. I wonder if that is true of other bloggers. They cannot find an audience at home for their thoughts and opinions so it gets voiced digitally.

On the other hand, I sometimes rant and rave about an issue to the other half and then end up venting some more on here but with a better perspective/stolen argument/bitter rage.

Seems I didn't get to mention much about sci-fi. If I don't get a chance to tell anyone in person about Issac Asimov, I'll be back.

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