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04 September, 2008

The Dis-United States of November

I caught a part of the RNC last night. Mostly Sarah Palin's speech as I was attempting to read "Duma Key". As I listened to the whoops and cheers I couldn't help but think how divided the country will be come November. I mean, even after the election. Those on the "losing side" are going to feel alienated. Left out by their own country. Like their rights have been tossed aside. This feeling can only be increased by the spin doctoring and bad mouthing that each party do against each other. It's not "let the best man win". It's "make the worst guy stand out". I really hope I'm wrong but for some people there is going to be bitter resentment.

Why even have this division into parties? Why not every year whoever wants to become president forms their own party. I wonder who I can send this suggestion to.


MountainLaurel said...

Surprise. Some of us felt that way in 2004.

Change is always what it seems said...

I think the issue of division hurts the country in many ways. People love to bash Bush now but a few years ago he had one of the highest approval ratings of any President. As soon as the Congress went to the Democrats in 2004 they were driven more by disagreeing with the Republicans than keeping the country headed in the right direction. It's at that point that the economy started to turn. But, since it's easier to blame the President, fingers starting pointing to Bush.

If only there was a way to vote in politicians based on how well they would work together for the good of the citizens instead of just themselves or their party.