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29 September, 2008

Car problems - Part 2

Well, I still have a sticky gas pedal, which, as my boss would say, is a "sticky wicket". Once the car warms up a bit it's really not noticeable but still a pain in the rear. I went back to get it looked at again and they said I need a new throttle cable. They were able to tell without even taking a second look! Even better than that, they couldn't even give me a ballpark guesstimate on the price of such an item.

"Sometimes a distributor charges $5 for a bolt. Sometimes it's $25".

After searching through Google for at least 30 minutes I was no closer to discovering an answer either (although I do have a great lead on buying an Audi throttle body if anyone is interested.) I contacted a car dealership to see if they could fill be in (after Autozone told me they don't do that kind of thing) but they couldn't help either as their "parts" department isn't open until Monday. I've been told it's simple job to do once you have the part, which will make things worse when they charge another $60.

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RedZeppelin said...

I did a GIS for "sticky wicket" and the results had nothing to do with cars. ;)