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15 September, 2008

Time for a laugh?

Did you manage to catch the premiere of SNL this weekend? I caught the last sketch. If only I could remember what day it is on. Turns out it was its best season premiere since 2001 and the most watched SNL since 2002. A few writers have speculated the reason such as Tina Fey returning to the show to play Sarah Palin and that the host was Michael Phelps. These seem like pretty poor reasons for tuning in. Here's why:

a) I had no idea Tina Fey would be on the show, and was not surprised to find out she did appear as Sarah Palin (have you ever wondered why you never see the two of them at the same time?). So extrapolating from my information about me I can deduce that other people might also be unaware/unsurprised that she was on the show.

b) Michael Phelps, while very talented in the pool, has no acting or comedic experience (that I know of or that was evident in the last sketch I saw). Watching him talk about his experiences and training in an interview would be entertaining but watching him try and act could potentially be painful. Therefore, could he really be that much of a draw? Maybe in Baltimore.

I tend to think the real reason for the large audience is partly the fact that it's election season for el presidento and mostly because people need a good laugh. America has been hit by a couple of major hurricanes recently, there is serious trouble on Wall Street, the housing market is in serious decline, gas prices are "soaring" and television has sucked over the last 4 months. It's no surprise that folks are tuning in to watch a show that says "Hey, we understand what's going on at home, at work, at school. It sucks and here is why it's funny". Plus, who can resist McGruber.


The Film Geek said...


First, Tina Fey was all over the airwaves the week prior to Saturday, pimping the show. Everyone and his brother knew she was doing Palin on Saturday. (Wait, that sounds odd, sorry.)

Second: Phelps is hot! I didn't watch for his comedic talent, I watched for his six pack abs! (Wait, that sounds odd, sorry.)

All Click said...

Haha really? Obviously not on my airwaves! I'll have to check with my brother.

Jane You Ignorant Slut said...

Too bad it wasn't a pleasant surprise to everyone else like it was to me (oh ... and all click). There's not enough fun surprises in life anymore!

Also, sometimes the sports celebrity hosts on SNL are too painful to watch. Phelps probably falls into that category. I do remember a couple of winning sports hosts, though. Joe Montana, although a bit uncomfortable a few times, helped deliver some hilarious skits. Peyton Manning had a few good ones, too, and I'm not a Manning fan. Michael Jordan's skit with Stuart Smalley still makes me laugh. Of course, it's not always athletes that make poor hosts for SNL. Did anyone see Stevel Seagal host? I'm pretty sure that's when Lorne Michaels almost called it quits.

Hoyt said...

Yeah, I agree with Allclick that it's an election year, which accounts for the interest in the show.

I'll take a pass on the rest of the season, thank you.

Spike Nesmith said...

I'm somewhat familiar with Tiny Fey, but Poehler...? I hardly know 'er!

Ahem. Yes, well... I'll get me coat.

All Click said...

I did see one decent sketch actually. It had a new guy in it as a server at a italian restaurant. It actually had an ending!

You know what would really improve SNL?

More dead parrots.