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26 September, 2008

Friday Observations

Stepping outside the comfort zone -

I'm in a street lined with mobile homes. Speed bumps dotted along the broken road.
Rush Limburg is on the radio. Taking calls from people supporting his view. Rush gets more excited and determined with every call.
A dog wanders aimlessly, investigating every new scent. He circles the car and moves onto the next yard.
No flags can be seen from the roadside.
The houses are named comforting, relaxing names like "Woodwillow" and "Meadowville". Some of those signs are broken.
A car drives past. 3/4 years old. A deep dent in the corner of the bumper.
Many cars are in the driveway.
A satellite dish hangs precariously from a wooden porch.
I see a child playing with a ball off in the distance.
A collection of wind chimes stand motionless next to 3 pots of cactus.
Two bicycles lay in the grass and a forgotten basketball hoop lays dormant.
A police tape marks off a space where a house should be with "caution".

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