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19 September, 2008

Friday thoughts

Have you seen those E-harmony adverts? It's the one were it shows a girl then a boy talking about when they joined and "found love" and then shows the happy couple together. I'm not certain whether or not it's a REAL couple but it's often pretty cheesy but I think there is one thing that gives it away. The people in the adverts look like models looking into one of those crazy, distorted mirrors at the fair.

Everywhere I go, recently, there are signs up about the importance of hand-washing and how it will prevent SARS. I thought the SARS scare had died out a long time ago. I guess that shows how much I was paying attention. The soaps usually available scream at us "Kills 99.9% of all bacteria". It's like the age old diet coke complaint "If they can make it only 1 calorie why can't they make it 0 calories" or in this case "why can't it kill 100% of bacteria". That .1 percent may be the cause of SARS! I don't mind that it doesn't kill 100% so much as that what do all the other soaps that I've used throughout my entire life do? What percentage have they been killing? Like 20%? 5%? .1%? Was I better off just rubbing my hands "clean" on my pants?


Donutbuzz said...

I used Yahoo! personals for free to meet my wife.

Jackie said...

Fuck all that noise. I need to know where you're getting these PS1 games. Seriously, I gosta know...:D

All Click said...

DB: That just shows that you don't even need to fork out any money to meet online. I bet you didn't have to fill out a "compatability" questionnaire either. :)

Jackie: Haha If I told you then *I* wouldn't be able to get them.
There is nowhere around Huntington..I have to search massive online auction companies instead :-p

Spike Nesmith said...

A good friend of mine met his wife via E-Harmony. They paid their $40, met and then got a refund when they clicked. I'm not sure how, but they did.

Interestingly, you'll notice - or, perhaps not, since you're in a relationship - that there's no gay section on E-Harmony. The pout-mouthed owner of the site, Dr Bob Joe Jimmy Hee-Haw the third or whatever, is a born again christian and instead of growing a pair and saying what he really feels, "I in't caterin' to them thar queers bescause they's goin to heyal", he claims that E-Harmony's goal is about marriage and since gay marriage is illegal, they couldn't possibly be a party to any illegal activity. I. Shit. You. Not.

For smoe *really* fun times, check out the site's Wiki entry. Apparently someone from the site, or a PR firm employed by the site, wrote most of it. Tossers.

All Click said...

Thanks Spike. That is interesting! I like the way the wiki article claims that the founder is one of the "best-known experts on establishing and maintaining healthy relationships" yet states he knows nothing about single-sex relationships.

What will he do now that gay marriage is legal in Californ-I-A?