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07 February, 2009


That's right folks, this is post 301. Seems like only yesterday I was writing post 1. Seems apt then that I use this post to discuss blogging and bloggers.

Being a blogger, if you squint, look through shaded glasses, a mirror and the reflection of a bald man's head, is a bit like being a super-hero. You have a secret identity and alter-ego and occasionally people may think you are doing some good. For some, you may even occasionally also wear skin tight outfits and your underpants on the outside. It is somewhat of a surreal experience, then, for the blogger to meet other bloggers and cast anonymity aside. Thankfully, it went nothing like the first meeting of the minutemen, but felt strangely similiar.

It was a lot of fun as I thought it would be and the best part of it is being able to put a voice to a blog. Not just an accent but a specific way of talking which reveals the writers use of and choice of humour, their approach to writing and even the rhythm of how they are writing. It really helps a lot to hear a voice. Especially as I sure as heck wouldn't want to look at them for long ;-)

On a separate note check this blogs if you get the chance:


The Film Geek said...

I had lots of fun hangin out with you, AllClick! And the plunge went well...I'm still cold!

Jackie said...

Happy 301!

It was cool meeting you and putting a face to the blogger. It woulda helped to know who you were a little sooner though ;)

And yeah, although I'm not much to look crime-fighting abilities more than make up for what I lack in the beauty department :D


Elvis Drinkmo said...

Same here, AC. It was really cool to finally meet you.

All Praise Be to the Martian Manhunter.

MountainLaurel said...

Thanks for the nod, AllClick. It was great to meet you. We should do a Huntington-based blogup.

Chris James said...

With post 304, you get a coupon for a free Tudor's biscuit at any Huntington-area location, good after 3 PM.

(Note: Dumpster diving may be involved, as they all close at 2.)

Hoyt said...

I really enjoyed meeting you and everyone this weekend. It's good to know there are real people out there in internet land!

All Click said...

FG - Thank YOU for the heads up!

Jackie - I'm still laughing at the comment and Eskimos.

ED- Twas an honor, Rev.

ML - A Huntington meetup would be very cool! Let me know when it's planned and i'll be fashionably late.

CJ- haha I was wondering what would happen at 304. Dumpster diving at Tudor's is time well spent.

Hoyt - It certainly is. Real peopler and real interesting people with real things to say.