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02 February, 2009

A proposal for the new stimulus plan

After braving Wal-mart yesterday around 4:00pm I was struck with a fantastic idea for the new stimulus plan. We should institute MORE Superbowls! No doubt everyone I saw yesterday was buying more and spending more than they should right now, but no-one cared because it was for the Superbowl. This one day probably help give the economy a little nudge, right? So, more Superbowls means more nudges. It makes perfect sense. We could maybe squeeze two or three Superbowls out of football before we look to other events. Perhaps a Superbowl of beer pong for the college folk or the Ballet Superbowl to get the money out of those fat cats wallets. Whatever the event, America wins!


Chris James said...

At least we were smart enough to have our biggest event every year, unlike the rest of the world. They gotta bite their nails for four years waiting for the next World Cup.

That said, I am intrigued by your plan. Please send a copy to Commissioner Goodell and CC a copy to President Obama.

All Click said...

But don't forget, we have the Euro Championships also which alternate with the World cup years so we get a big soccer disappointment...i mean Event, every 2 years. Plus each game that England play in is a big event so we get a cluster of them. I think the superbowl should do the same thing. Have a knock-out play off round of the best teams. Just imagine the advertising revenue!

I'm almost certain President Obama reads my blog but i'll send it on to Goodell.

Barack for Change & More Welfare & More Debt said...

After reading your most recent blog entry, I presume that you'll be supporting my most important initiative for 2009: a play-off system to determine a true NCAA football champion. We can still have regional bowl games, but we'll add in the play off games for teams that have actually earned the right to challenge for the National Championship. More games = more legitimacy = more revenue.