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07 February, 2009

Smoking in Putnam County

Yes, here comes another anti-smoking rant. If you can't stand the stench of it go outside ;-)

Reading through the local rag I was disheartened by new news stories that almost seemed to push to the dark dusty corner of the paper. One was that Blinko glass is in trouble. The gas has been switched off and hence the furnace is no longer burning. The 100 year old business looks to be doomed although the viewing gallery is still open I believe. Sad times. Once Blinko has gone, my stretch of the interstate will simply have a blank space under "Attractions".
The other piece of disappointing news was that hotels and motels are now re-allowed to have smoking rooms. It feels like a huge step backwards for the county. What will happen next? No new fangled drugs in the hospitals, like Penicillin. Men will have to start wearing hats all the time and women will be refused jobs. The argument is that the rooms become "private property" and so the occupants should be able to treat them like such. Smokers, you have the entire great-outdoors to smoke in. Look out your windows. There's lots of it out there. That's your "private property" right there. I mean who is actually staying in these places who is even from the county? I mean someone has obviously fought for this "rights" but will they be the ones staying in the hotels? Probably not. I look forward to a complete and total smoking ban (not a total-smoking ban) for the state and country so I can FINALLY get some clean air in my $20 motel room.

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