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07 February, 2009

Christian Bale: In his defence

If you have turned on your pseudo news recently you may have heard the story of Christian Bale and his angry outburst at a "colleague" on the set of the new Terminator movie. The whole thing happened some months back when the film was actually being shot and involved someone walking around during an important scene and obviously putting off the Dark Knight. It don't really see this as much of a story so perhaps it is an intentionally leak to promote the film early or just to get the bloggers talking and give "Showbiz tonight" something to talk about. Maybe it was simply "leaked" to show just how awful the media is these days (Exhibit A: the headline "Chrisitian Bale's Blowup Proves Actor's Anger Problem" from ABC news.) Proves he has an anger problem?? It sounds a bit like arguments I would use about twenty years ago on the playground.

From what I know about Bale, I know that he is a very serious, method actor. He totally immerses himself in his roles whether it's mastering regional dialects or losing excessive weight and so it doesn't really surprise me that he might become a little niffed when someone is distracting him during "work time". It's not as if he is hating on people, picking up hookers, or smoking illegal drugs.

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