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24 August, 2007

Desktop Tower Defence

Usually Ms AllClick and I rarely differ on our choice of online gaming entertainment..except with the latest craze of Tower defence games. I love them. Ms AllClick declared loudly last night that it looked very boring. I guess it's not much of a spectator sport! I was hooked after playing the Bloons tower defence but have moved onto the Desktop Tower Defence which is currently beating me like 18th century serving boy. I wish you the best of luck with it..and then please come back and give me some good advice!


Anonymous said...

Loudly?! LOUDLY?!?!? *yawns*

jedijawa said...

I had to step away from the Desktop Tower Defence after you sucked me into it man. You still suck for beating my high score!

All Click said...

haha that game was killer. I've finally beaten it so I can lay it to rest. You could always return and beat MY score ;-)