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08 August, 2007

Stolen art recovered.

I'm a moderate fan of art. I like what I like. I like going to art galleries but rarely do so. If I had to say who my favourite artist was I'd probably say Monet. His work is used way too often as "Wall Filler" but it still amazes me every time I push my face up close to one of his paintings. Regardless, I am always saddened when I hear stories of art getting covered in acid (happens more than you think!) or stolen. So I was pleased to see this article today online. I'm not really a Picasso lover either, but I respect that it is respected and so it makes me happy. I think the news fails to cover a lot of the happier stories so I'm going to go fully enjoy this moment...then I'm reading " Monkey hidden in ponytail on plane". Sweet.

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