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31 August, 2007

Next vs The Golden Man

During the summer Ms AllClick and I took the time to see two Nic Cage films. Seems he obviously has time on his hands as his choice of movie has been a little...second rate. I enjoyed Ghost Rider, but it was pretty silly, and since Spiderman and Batman Begins have been setting a new standard for superhero movies, it fell well below these. It's one of those movies I will probably flick onto when it comes on TV and let it play in the background while i'm doing something more interesting. I did enjoy Sam Elliot though.

The other film was called Next. I was compelled to see this after I discovered it was based on a story written by one of my favourite authors Philip K. Dick. The story is called The Golden Man and I finally got around to reading it this week. Not to spoil anything but the only similarities between the two is that the main character can see into his own future. Apart from that the movie is completely different and probably would make Philip cringe. The acting was pretty poor from Nic who just seemed bewildered the whole time, despite knowing what was about to happen. I actually didn't mind the storyline so much, and I enjoyed the movie overall simply because I enjoyed thinking about having the ability to look into the future, even it was just a few minutes.
Both the film and book are completely different so I recommend reading the story if you have seen the film. I'm all for movie adaptations of Philip K. Dick stories. In my opinion the best one so far is probably Blade Runner. Minority report was also a decent movie, but both of the stories these are based on are some of my personal favs so maybe I'm biased. I wonder what story will be next.

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