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21 August, 2007

Life on Earth V1.2.

So we have lots of life on Earth now. The Population is about 6,615,939,292 so I'd say the Earth is getting pretty full. However, Top boffs (aka Scientists), have been able to manufacture their own "wet artificial life". It's pretty small at the moment, but they say if they are able to create their own life, they could start solving problems like cancer and world pollution. I've ranted on about these kinda stories before. Yes, it's pretty cool (IMHO) but again the research is years away from actually being completed so it gives us the excuse to say "Well, I'm not going to bother recycling, some scientists in white lab coats are making life forms to eat all the garbage and poop out gold." Or something similar to that.

It begs an interesting question though about the creation of life. If man can now create a new form of life, how do the religious feel about the implications? Will the life form have a soul? Will it have rights? Will it be elected President? I'm off to read the story of Prometheus. I'm pretty sure it's kinda relevant.

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