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23 August, 2007

Snowshoe Mountain

As I continue to explore more of West Virginia I find that the state has so much to offer. It's latest offering enjoyed by myself and Lady AllClick was Snowshoe Mountain. To me, it's the perfect time of year to visit a ski/snow resort as there is no snow, no people, no crowds, no lines and no worries. The weather was perfect, nice and cool so you actually felt like being outside for more than 5 minutes, many restaurants and stores will still open and then wasn't a whole load of people moving ski's around. Apparently it is one of the top 10(0) places to see a sunset in the world which is easy to believe. I didn't get a picture of the sunset..but we did snap a few of the view up there. I fully recommend it to anyone who fancies a peaceful gettaway. Another bonus was that we were real near to Cass and Greenbank so I checked out the massive Telescope they had over there and enjoyed the free tour with real liquid nitrogen. They also have a cool room with all kinds of space/telescope related toys to play with...erm..some kid told me. oh and freeze-dried Ice Cream.

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Anonymous said...

What about the pic of you at the western slope overlook with the sunset behind you? It's technically a sunset pic ... or do you not want anyone to see a naked pic of you? :P