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06 June, 2008

D for doughnuts

Thanks to blogging buddy Redzeppelin I was reminded that it is D-day today. Commonly known as the Normandy Invasion of 1944 as allied forces attempted to liberate mainland Europe from the Nazi's during World War II. I clicked onto as I usually do as part of my morning website ritual and lo and behold it also informs me of D-day. Doughnut day that is. And how we can celebrate National Doughnut day. If you manage to ignore the big tasty picture of a doughnut you may end up glancing below and seeing the tribute to D-day. Nice.

I had the great opportunity to visit Normandy when I was in High school as part of the school trip. It's one thing to read about how many lost their lives that day (about 2,500 allied troops..but accurate numbers are difficult to determine) and how many were causalities (about 7,500) but another thing to visit the immense cemeteries with row after row after endless row of soldiers. Stepping onto the beaches and seeing the old turrets and wall defences will be something I won't ever forget.


RedZeppelin said...

I envy you. I was watching a D-Day documentary the other day and I told my wife that someday I really want to visit Normandy. I was amazed at how much the beaches and the little villages looked the same today as they did in pictures of the time.

Doughnutbuzz said...

I always forget National Donut Day. Maybe next year, I'll remember. 8)

All Click said...

RZ: You should make the trip out there :-) It's well worth a geeky few days.

DB: Dude, how could you forget?? I really wanted to make some doughnuts at home yesterday. It's a shame I have no idea how to do it.