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28 June, 2008

Weekend Round-up

I would say this post was in the style of a fellow blogger. But she might be extremely offended by it :-p I give her the recognition for the inspiration of trying a different style though.

I got up this morning earlier than Ms. Allclick who is still suffering from a headache from yesterday. I had to get up a little early as I wanted to get in some exercises and then head out to the animal shelter. Ive been looking for a good routine to do in the mornings and so this week I added this little number:

Looks easy doesn't it? Hurts like a knife in the chest to me.

Then I was off to the animal shelter for a couple of hours and took out a dog that was big enough to walk me. There weren't too many pets there this week so i'm glad because it means they had a lot of adoptions this week.

Saturday night we watched "Juno" and I have to admit I really enjoyed it. I was expecting for "Junebug" to get on my nerves after awhile but you sorta had to love her. Great casting and script.

On Sunday I did a few chores. Yay. We spent at least 45 minutes trying to think of something to have for breakfast that didn't involve milk or running to the store for milk. In the end Ms. Allclick found a couple of yummy Brown Sugar poptarts.

However, by the time we left the house to meet some friends to watch the Euro 2008 final we were hungry again. It didn't help that we had to expend valuable energy cleaning out the water that was in the sunroof after leaving it cracked throughout the rain the night before.

We rarely ever go to Mcdonalds. It's awful going in there and the food isn't something we crave very often but it's handy and cheap to swing by and pick up a couple of double cheeseburgers. We ordered and pulled up to the food window and then were told "You might have to wait a while, someone just ordered 20 double cheeseburgers". Hmm. I wasn't too happy. Ms Allclick even quipped "We paid $3 for food and spent $6 in gas waiting for it". How true. I peered all around the parking lot for the 20 cheeseburger lardass but couldn't spot them. Eventually we received our surprisingly greasy food and we were on our way.

The game was fairly good. Some great football was played but there were no red cards, only one goal, no penalties, no really threatening free kicks or corners and the Spanish looked more likely to score than the Germans. I guess I'm used to watching England play aka Score a goal and then defend like crazy and hope we don't let one in.

We got home Sunday night, did a few more chores and settled in to watch a couple of "Supernatural" episodes. I'll have to blog about that show another time. Then as the sun was going down it was time to play "Silent Hill" of course. The perfect ending to any weekend.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

We ate at Wendy's this Saturday. So, are you saying the inspiration to eat fast food on Saturdays? LOL. 'Cause I know it's not the exercise.

All Click said...

I meant to say the style of post was an inspiration from you rather than the content of my weekend. But you are right about the fast food at the weekend! lol

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Well, I do like to blather in detail about my boring life. That's stated in my "about me" section. No offense taken. I don't even take myself seriously.