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26 June, 2008

Michaelanglo's Apprentice

Today I am in a strange mood. I kinda feel like Michelangelo's apprentice. I get to watch and learn from individuals who are very skilled and talented at what they do. They chisel the big block of marble in effective ways. They make it look easy, turning their wrist here, tapping the hammer there and brushing off the dust. They start carving an arm, a leg, a face and they know where to start, where to end and what it will look like. It is so casual for them, yet demanding and tiring. Myself, the apprentice has the same tools. The same training. But I feel as I approach the marble block I will tap too hard, chisel in the wrong way and I'll take the nose off.

So I tap away at the loose parts, the safe parts and I learn from the sculptor more and more.

It is sometimes difficult to appreciate someone doing such a hard job well because they make it look so easy.


RedZeppelin said...

Just be thankful you get to learn from others, as opposed to being handed the tools then left on your own.

All Click said...

That's true. I've had that happen before as well!