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24 June, 2008

Why I should never play Silent Hill again

Due in part to the fact that I never grew up with a playstation, I am currently enjoying playing some playstation classics thanks to Ms. Allclick. She recently purchased Silent Hill and for the last few nights as the sun has set we have played this supremely creepy game. I mean just the soundtrack gets me all anxious. Things bump and bang and moan without any warning. It just plain gives me the heebie-jeebies. And we were playing it as the storm ended last night. So, you can imagine my state of mind last night as I woke up, around 3am I guess, and stumbled towards the bathroom, mostly asleep and suddenly from the shadows hearing "Hey! HEY!!!" right in front of me scaring me out of my skin. Apparently, Ms. Allclick informed me later, I flailed at her and jumped a couple of feet in the air before running away. All I know is I'm cutting down on scary video games* and buying a thermal imaging cam**.

*Note: I doubt I'll cut down on scary video games

** Note: If I do buy this it will be so I can hunt some ghosts. Sweet.


Jackie said...

SH is my all-time favorite game! Like you said, creepy as hell. The nurses, the little kid ghosts, all of it is just too freakin' much!

I gotta get my hands on a copy of that :D

RedZeppelin said...

SH is a fantastic game. The original Resident Evil for the Playstation had that same effect on me.

Nurse Nan from Silent Hill said...

Gonna getcha *moans creepily*

All Click said...

Yer, those creepy kids at the school were the worst. Plus just the random noises. Like glass shattering and doors bursting open. The best thing is kicking the creatures while they are down. Makes all the scariness worthwhile.