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23 June, 2008

Summer Movie Season

Summer is officially here! You would never have guessed it if you live in Frame, WV but Wimbledon starts today so that means it's gotta be summer! And of course if it is summer that means the summer movie season is already in full swing. I usually think of the season starting with the first weekend in May as this is typically a blockbuster weekend such as all the Spidermans and I think Ironman showed right around that time this year. Ms. Allclick and I were planning on seeing "Get Smart" but ended up staying home and watching "Lars and the Real Girl" which was a terrific movie and probably worthy of it's own post. Even without our box office support "Get Smart" was the popular choice for many Americans over the weekend and topped Kung Fu Panda and the Incredible Hulk.

In fourth place was a movie that to me looked like it was always going to fail. "The Love Guru". The adverts didn't even look funny and they are supposed to be a representation of the whole movie. Scoring a 4.3 on IMDB at the moment and I'm not in the least bit surprised. It's a real shame for Mike Myers as I think he is a funny guy. I loved So I married an Ax Murderer, the Austin Power movies (well the first two) and of course Wayne's World. Even the first Shrek was pretty decent. Justin Timberlake has had the finger pointed at him for the cause of this rubbishness but I wonder about the pairing of Myers and Troyer, who is featured heavily in the trailers. The whole "mini-me" thing was wearing thin in the Austin Power's movies and I feel that Myers should keep himself close to other funny people like Dana Carvey rather than Justin Timberlake and Verne Troyer.

It's not a career stopper that's for sure but it's disappointing to see a good talent going to waste.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Yeah, I'm not sure about "Love Guru", looks kinda hokey. We never see anything in the theatre - so I have to wait months. That's okay, I like waiting more than I like theatre crowds. LOL.

RedZeppelin said...

I'll eventually see Get Smart if for no other reason than Anne Hathaway's hotness.

I also still want to see the new Indy film, Iron Man, and I can't wait for the new Batman flick.

Nothing says summer like loud, mindless entertainment.

Hoyt said...

Lars and The Real Girl is an amazing film. As for this summer's flicks, my wife and I are planning our schedule around the X Files sequel!

All Click said...

ETW: Kinda Hokey sums it up I think!

RZ: The Indy film and Ironman are too movies worth the admission price! Batman should be good too.

Hoyt: I'm curious about the X Files sequel might be a rental job though for me.