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13 June, 2008

To be an Honorary West Virginian you must

I can't remember anyone actually accepting me as an Honorary West Virginian yet. However, here is my list of "To be Honorary West Virginian you must...":

1. Remind out-of-state folks about how beautiful the foliage is in the Fall.

2. Fish. Like fishing. Have been fishing recently. Fished on a boat. Fished while standing in a river. Like talking about fishing and not snicker while saying "Rod and tackle box".

3. Respect and/or play golf. Putt-putt is not included.

4. Know all the rules to playing "Horseshoes" and be prepared to set-up a game and take off your shirt at the drop of a hat.

5. Say "O-hi-a" when referring to that state to the North.

6. Hate "city life" on the grounds that it's "too busy and too loud".

7. Be able to point out geographical features such as "crick/creek"s and "hollow/holler"s.

8. Eat a West Virginia Hot Dog. Even if you don't like 'Slaw and prefer scrambled eggs.

9. Know the lyrics to John Denver.

10. Be Wild and Wonderful rather than Open for Business.

Oh and having an ATV helps...and voting for Hilary Clinton ;-)


Jackie said...

That's a sweet list!

And thanks for the horseshoe reminder. It's almost July and I haven't set up my stakes yet! Now where did I put my shirt....?

missalear said...

Just what are the lyrics to John Denver? Is that a song title? lol???