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25 June, 2008

Top 5 Video Games Ever

Playing Silent Hill reminds me of some of the best games I have ever played. Ever. It's not easy coming up with a 5 but here I go. Feel free to comment, give me your top 5 etc...

1. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2. This has been the only PlayStation game I ever played enough to give me "PlayStation Thumb". That is two incredibly sore thumbs that made it pretty difficult for me to write when it came to my Psych exam the next day. The controls were so fluid, the challenges were difficult but not impossible and their was a decent competition aspect added in as well. Two player mode was also pretty decent and added to the one player story mode meant that you could be playing this game many months after first cracking it out the box.

2. Goldeneye. This N64 beaut was just jaw-dropping. I mean getting to be Bond was a dream come true but throw in a bunch of cool weapons (like the Golden gun and double missile launchers) a story mode that followed the movie pretty well and an endlessly entertaining 4 player multiplayer mode just made this a complete package. It was worth buying an N64 just to have this.

3. Doom. The definitive first person shooter. What a cracking game. The music was awesome. That cool noise when doors open. Finding secret rooms and blowing the heck out of demons with a shotgun. Great stuff.

4. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Despite being the obvious reason for crime across the global this game really showed the world what games could be. Funny, guns, well scripted and acted, have great graphics, gameplay, realism, guns, stealing cars, and guns. Plus you basically could just run around a big old map doing what the heck you liked. Even if you didn't decide to do any missions. One of the best features was simply having the radio stations. Such a simple idea but it really helped separate this game from the rest.

5. Mariokart - SNES. Another game that I could and did play for hours upon hours. The normal races were good. You weren't going to win first time, but once you learned some tricks and strategy and could remember the course you eventually improved at a satisfying level. Yes the graphics were simple but throwing that cart around the track was just so much fun you didn't care. Again, the multiplayer aspect was such a great idea. Battling go-karts with nothing more than different coloured shells and furious skidding.


RedZeppelin said...

You're showing your age. :)

My top five would have to include Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, and maybe Pac-man.

The Tron arcade machine would be in there too.

RedZeppelin said...

Oh, I forgot Zork. Do computer games count or are we just talking arcade and consoles?

Anonymous said...

I'd agree with Goldeneye and Doom but I'd have to include Dark Forces and of course most of the Myst series. Silent Hill is going to be up there, too.

All Click said...

Lol I guess that's true RZ. Those were a little before my time. But I loved playing on my 128K Spectrum. Double Dragons and Dizzy the egg kicked ass. But I just have some awesome memories of playing these 5 games.

I really enjoyed ALL of the Sierra games too... Leisure suit Larry, Kings Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest.

RedZeppelin said...

Oh yeah, Sierra put out some fantastic games. Aside from those you mentioned, some of the best games ever came out of their Dynamic Division (e.g. Front Page Sports Football, Aces over the Pacific).

jennyville said...

Silent Hill *is* incredibly creepy. I felt creeped out just watching other people play it. I feel creeped out just thinking about watching other people play it again.

I loved GTA and Tony Hawk, though. Perfect balance cheat codes! lol

You should hook yourself up with a copy of Fable sometime, I think you'd really enjoy it. Lord knows I playd the crap out of that one...