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01 October, 2008

Cat Profile - Cooper and Barnaby

I am lucky enough to live with two great cats, Cooper and Barnaby. I have wanted to get something on here about them and immortalize them in the annuls of the blogsphere, so as an introduction here are their profiles:

Name: Cooper
Nicknames: Cooper-pooper, Pooper, Poop, Coop, Coo-poop, Grey cat, Coopooperus Maximus.
Age: 15
Breed: Domestic Long hair.
Appearance: Grey with a white belly and pink nose.
Favourite food: Tuna, any kind of soft food, meat. cheese powder commonly found on snacks like cheetos.
Likes: Catnip, rubbing his face on walls, cabinets, people, fighting, his cat mat (aka boogie mat), sleeping in corners, meowing, having his belly rubbed for hours, sleeping under a blanket, chasing a laser pen, sleeping in weird places, attention.
Dislikes: Going outside, going to the vet, getting wet, getting picked up or "scooped".

Name: Barnaby
Nicknames: Boo Boo Barnaby, Boo Boo, Tiny face, Stripey face, Baby face kitten, Stripey cat, Stripey, Barnibus, Barnibus Arrelius.
Age: 15
Breed: Domestic Short hair
Appearance: Stripey brown ish. White spots on his paws and his a big white spot on his chest. Orange nose. Frequently snotty.
Favorite food: Ice cream, Wendy's Chilli, soft food.
Likes: Getting picked up, strangers, sitting in the window, sunbathing, fan heaters, snuggling, getting brushed, hairball paste, chasing a laser pen, having his chin rubbed, having his face stroked, climbing into laundry baskets, chewing on shoelaces, being watched while he eats, bottled water, hairclips.
Dislikes: Getting wet, having the tip of his tail poked.

I am sure I have left things out that Ms. Allclick will remind me of and I'll come back and update this. Maybe even with some new pictures.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Awww. They sound purr-fect! I had a cat who adored Wendy's hamburgers, Doritos and popcorn. We had lots of silly nicknames for her, too.

Spike Nesmith said...

Barnaby the cat's his name! Never call him Jack or James!


All Click said...

ETW: The nicknames just sorta seem..right. Popcorn? lol Do you have a cat now?

Spike: Too obscure for me! Must have been a kids programme when I was still a twinkle in an eye ;-)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

No cats now and unfortunately, the Evil Twin is dead set against a new one. He loves animals, but hated the cat hair and litter box (even though I changed it every week). We ended up getting a parakeet. Smaller, but still messy (feathers all over and little bird doo doo balls to clean up).

Jackie said...

Ha! You have a cats!

Watch yer breath!!!

Spike Nesmith said...

@allclick You got it. The Colin Jeevon's-voiced Barnaby, which was a dub of a French show, iirc.

Apparently what worked for The Magic Roundabout didn't work for a fuzzy bear. le raar!