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07 November, 2008

And breathe out...

I have been away a couple of days and have been off the blogger grid. I checked in today to see what was happening upon my bloglist and it seems that since Tuesday night every blogger has lots to say. It's like a second wind has descended on West Virginia bloggers. I am pleased that everyone feels they need to share their thoughts over this week and irked that I now have so much to read and so many sarcastic comments to formulate.


RedZeppelin said...

Really? I was thinking things were much quieter than usual this week, especially with history being made this week and everything. (Can you believe Susan Lucci was kicked off of "Dancing With the Stars"???)

All Click said...

Wow I can't believe that Susan Lucci was kicked off Dancing with the stars.

I also cannot believe that you watch such a thing :-p

Was it just me, or did the presidential election sorta feel a bit like a reality show? If only you could have called a number to vote it may have boosted the economy ;-)