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23 November, 2008

Suggestions for the Auto Bailout

Some suggestions for what should be included in the Big Three Auto companies bailout package:

Every new car must have:

1. At least 4 cup holders up front.
2. Permanent "new car" smell.
3. A horn that plays "Smoke on water"
4. Microwave ovens.
5. A digital display in the rear window to tell other drivers exactly what you think of them
6. That red moving light on the front like KIT from Knight Rider.
7. A flux capacitor
8. The ability to fly
9. ...and go underwater
10. Machine guns

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Vouchers should be issued by the government to purchase auto efficient cars from one of the big three. That way the money would stimulate the economy and the public would decide which of the big three survive!