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25 November, 2008

Palin says: Come to Alaska...kinda

I opened up my email this morning and lo-and-behold discovered an invite for ME to go to Alaska from Sarah Palin herself!

Wait a minute...This isn't asking me to go to Alaska. It's simply asking me to go to the official Alaska State Travel (unlike those pesky unofficial Alaska State Travel websites, grr). Is this the beginning of her 2012 campaign?


RedZeppelin said...

I think she sent the same email to Putin, but he just replied "I can see Alaska from my house so I don't need to visit the website."

/and such as

The Film Geek said...

"Beyond your dreams, within your reach" would make a good slogan for a girl running for high school prom queen.

All Click said...

haha I wonder if that is where she found it.