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21 November, 2008

Old Friends update

Well as of this week I have had a lot of replies to my sending out of emails to my old friends. I have been very pleasantly surprised. Mostly they tell of good news which is great but it's funny what some folks end up doing for a living considering what I knew about them a few years ago.

It's been a worthwhile experience for me so I'm glad I went ahead and did it. Even if everyone doesn't reply I'll be happy. I had a few people say "Why aren't you on facebook??" surprised that I would dare not to join the social networking giant. Well, why would I? You use it to keep in contact with friends. You have my email so just hit reply. Job done.

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RedZeppelin said...

Facebook was great for reconnecting with old friends, but once I reconnected with them I realized that had they been real friends I would have been in touch with them all along. So I haven't really rekindled any old friendships with it. It was more like cordial exchanges of "What have you been up to"? and that's that.
I find I use Twitter a lot more for daily contact with friends.