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13 November, 2008

Reaching out: Minor update

Well after sending out my three emails I had two BIG replies back! Both friends stated in two different ways that *I* shouldn't have been out of contact for so long! I didn't mind though. At least it showed they wanted me to get in touch. Spurred on by this response I sent out a flood of probably 10 short emails to old friends today and replied to the two original responses.

I have recently been reflecting after hearing some bad news that I received after contacting one of my best friends via email, and some possible bad news from another friend. I have heard people before say "Why does allow bad things to happen?" and what I'm reminded is that I am more grateful for good things in my life today having listened to my friends bad news. If bad things never happened, then by definition good things couldn't happen because there would not be anything to contrast them with. I suppose it would end up a very bland life indeed.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring to my inbox.


RedZeppelin said...

Besides "BEST PRICE ON V1AGR@!"?

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm glad you heard back from two of your friends. :-) It must be extra hard to stay in touch with friends you grew up with (assuming they still live in England or places other than the US) - with the time differences and all. I can barely keep up with the US time zones and I've lived in many of them!