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03 November, 2008

Go vote

Typically, voting is boring. You go in, it's quiet, you walk behind the booth and then Bam! you vote. No fireworks or music or fanfare. Just you knowing you voted and possibly a thank you on the way out. Tomorrow it's probably going to be even more boring as from what I've heard (Insert: impressive link to many web sites showing long lines at polling stations) the lines will be long. But hey, it's for your country, it's for demo cracy, and it's for people that can't vote but will feel the consequences.

Plus the weather should be nice.


RedZeppelin said...

Done. Got it out of the way first thing this morning. W00t.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

The Evil Twin and I went around 9 AM-ish and there were NO lines! But, it was filling up as we were on our way out.

(My word verification is "falcons". I love it when I get real words on those things! So easy to please...)

All Click said...

You both Rawk!

Well done to everyone who voted!

ETW: I love it when that happens too! Or when it's just a strange new word like: RASPA.