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24 November, 2008

A meeting of two bloggers

Over the weekend I had the chance to meet up with Redzeppelin for "Chinee", discussions about video games, prop 8, and graphic novels. The picture of the event has been edited to keep identities anonymous.


RedZeppelin said...

You forgot to mention our in-depth discussion about the Italian impressionist period in art. Good stuff.

I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Maybe someday I'll have the privilege of ignoring one of your "Old Friends" emails. :)

All Click said...

And our lengthy discussion of thermo-nuclear dynamics and it's interplay on the quasi-environmental Schluckhosen effect theorum.

I look forward to you ignoring my "old friends" emails!

Wait a minute...

The Film Geek said...

Ain't bloggin' grand?

Now, if I could ever figure out why no bloggers ever wanna hang with me.

All Click said...

Hmm I dunno TFG. Could be that body odor ;-)