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21 October, 2008

2nd Monday

I spend my week in two places and so I get to feel the experience of two Mondays. Today is my 2nd Monday and it's already been a little rough. Barnaby (Boo Boo) is out of sorts this morning and doesn't appear to be feeling very well. He has chronic problems with his sinuses and will often sneeze a couple of times a day which is good because it clears out his nose. Unfortunately the heat in the house or lack of humidity will dry his nose up and we have yet to teach him how to blow his nose and so he gets frequent nose checks which sometimes we can clear and sometimes we can't. Hopefully he will be doing better when we get home tonight.

I am also in a semi-state of anxiety today after losing my stupid "To do list". I thought carrying it around in my pocket would be fine but I either left it at home or I have lost it. So, it looks like I will HAVE to wear it around my neck tomorrow and consolidate my second "To-do list" from today.

Stupid 2nd Mondays.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Today seems to be sucking for a lot of people... Stupid 2nd Mondays!

Anonymous said...

What was sticking out of your back pocket this morning?

All Click said...

Stupid 2nd Mondays indeed!

My to-do list was sticking out of my pocket and must have dissolved :-s