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08 October, 2008


Video Game update: (for those who want to know)

Yes, I finally completed Resident Evil 2 (mainly thanks to Ms. Allclick) with Leon A and Claire B. I really haven't the heart to go through it again (Claire A/Leon B) but that will be a good option to count on a couple of years down the road. What is my latest challenge, you cry? Clocktower. Which is actually clocktower 2. Strange. Have only played a little while but have already had to wash my sofa coverings and sleep with the light on. There ain't much scarier than a immortal dude with a huge pair of scissors running at you.

Car update:

Gas pedal still sticking but just when the car starts. Once you warm it up it's fine. My latest quote from the nearest car garage - $240. Despite the fact that the part should cost $45. Hmm. Here is to a second quote and some help from others ;-)

Opinion on "SNL weekly update" update:

Is that all Seth Myers does now? The weekly update? I wish Amy and Seth could at least try and deliver the lines without laughing. SNL hasn't impressed me this year really. The opening sketch is usually pretty good because I like impressions and I'm an Andy Samberg fan so I love his digital shorts. The rest I could happily fast forward through.

I caught the first episode of "Little Britain USA". My initial thoughts are: Fairly funny but too crude in most of the sketches. I hope as the season goes on it improves. My fav sketch had to be "Computer says no" lady. I'll be saying that all week now.

1 comment:

Jackie said...

Now you can play the "hidden" game with Hunk!!! It's sooo aawesome :D

Seriously, play it. I beat it after about, oh... four days or so.