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29 October, 2008

Halloween Americano

Halloween is nearly here. 31st October in case you didn't know. It was quite easy to forget in blighty. It really wasn't celebrated that much unless you were under 12 and even now I don't think people really bother too much with it. We would get a few trick-or-treaters toting a guy fawkes in a wheelbarrow and asking for a "penny for the guy". I'd usually give them some sweets and tell them to naff off and please don't dump your rubbish on my front garden. I enjoyed it as a kid. Bobbing for apples and dressing up in a scary costume and now living in the states I have found a new love for the holiday because you folks sure go all...out. I understand dressing up as something scary for the holiday but don't really understand the logic in just dressing up as...well... anything. What I think is another key differences is that in this land of the free, a place where freedoms were fought and independence was sought, the trick-or-treating date and time is dictated to y'all. It's not even on the 31st this year! It's like kinda like deciding when Christmas will be this year so that it's convenient. If it were up to me I wouldn't like this "big brother"-esque decree. So, if you hear your doorbell ringing on Friday make sure you have some candy for me.


RedZeppelin said...

Don't get me started on the "Let's put Trick-or-Treat on whatever night looks good" practice around here. I've moaned for years that it should be on the 31st -- period. I probably had a blog post about that last year, which is why I didn't bring it up again.

Halloween used to be for kids here but it has turned into an adult holiday. I guess it's just an excuse for otherwise responsible folks to dress up and act goofy once a year. Kind of like a Jimmy Buffet concert.

I can't seem to give a toss this year though. Didn't put up any decorations. Not dressing up. Humbug. Real life is frightening enough.

All Click said...

RZ: Did you end up enjoying Halloween this year?? I wanna hear less "Humbugs" from you as Christmas rolls around.