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28 October, 2008

Saw V

It's Halloween so time for another Saw movie! Yay! I was never much of a scary movie fan but there is something about the Saw movies that has always captured my attention. I'm pretty sure it's not a sadistic tendency to enjoy seeing other people's tortured but rather it's the plot that I enjoy. For me the focus is on the unraveling storyline present in the previous four movies, and Saw V doesn't disappoint. Whilst a group of individuals play out one of Jigsaw's games there is a simultaneous story of the detective trying to crack the case while giving us further back story about John/Jigsaw. Instead of getting tedious it heightens the suspense as you wait to see the clues and the next puzzle the group faces. I also enjoy the puzzles as they are always unique and clever rather than simple torture devices and there is usually some sort of twisted logic behind them. This wouldn't be much of a horror movie, however, if there wasn't a fair amount of gore and a body count so this is probably not one to take the kids to. Another strength this movie has going for it is that it cleverly ties into the previous films. If you haven't seen those already, check them out. Even if you are a little squeamish as once you get past that, there is much more. On the downside, the plot is constrained by the other movies and so doesn't have the originality of other serial killer movies such as "Se7en". A solid entry in the Saw series for fans and good fun for Halloween!

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