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24 October, 2008

Cinema Review

Yes, I've reviewed movies but how in the devil do we get to see such magical moving pictures on a massive screen without the Cinema? As it stands I can get to six theatres fairly easily, at least until that new one is built at the Barboursville Mall.

Total Score formula: APP+PRI+FOD-PUN = Total Score. Max Total score = 30. Min = -10

Park Place Cinema, Charleston

Appearance: 6. Pretty outdated in a "neglected" rather than "nostalgic" way and the screens are more like side rooms.
Prices: 9. $8.00 BUT $5.50 before 6 ($13.50). Very reasonable, you can order online and these allow you to spend more money on...
Food: 7. Pretty cheap and the popcorn is mighty tasty. But no cherry soda.
Punk kids rating: 9. Very high. They can walk right off the street.

Total Score= 13/30

Marquee Cinema, Charleston

Appearance: 8. This whole place is pretty well tucked away but looks in fairly good shape. Small amount of screens.
Prices: 7. Fairly standard aka too expensive. $8.25 adult. $6.00 before 6pm. ($14.25)
Food: 7 Good but expensive food and service.
Punk kids: 6. Based on my experiences I haven't seen too many punk kids here. Most likely they can't find it or are hanging at the Maggie Moos.

Total Score = 16/30

Great Escape, Nitro

Appearance: 9. A semi-remote setting but looks inviting. Lots of parking and a big open foyer. Even the arcade machines are semi-hidden.
Prices: 8. Standard really. $8.00 adult and $6.00 matinee. ($14.00)
Food: 6. Food is usually decent. They have cherry soda and the popcorn is good but the wait is usually way too long.
Punk kids: 8. It can depend. Sometimes there are many, many punk kids.

Total Score = 15/30

Teays Valley Cinemas

Appearance: 8. It's a little dark in there and hard to find which number screen you want. Lots of parking though and a open foyer.
Prices: 6. Standard pricing but reduced price is only for shows before 5pm. $8.00 and $6.00 before 5pm ($14). What's up with that?
Food: 8 Fairly good and the wait usually isn't all that long. I did receive some free candy once, also. Which may or may not have made me sick.
Punk kids: 8. It depends but more often than not, yes. Especially when school is out.

Total Score = 14/30

Marquee Cinema, Huntington

Appearance: 10. Looks has an outside ticket booth thing and a big open entrance. Pretty snazzy and the movies are digital. Plus it's in the nicest part of Huntington.
Prices: 7. Same as the other Marquee. $8.25 and $6.00 before 6pm.
Food: 7. A good selection but there is usually a long line and lots of line jumping due to the amount of people serving.
Punk kids: 9. You betcha. Not just in the screens but hanging around all over the place outside.

Total Score = 15/30

Second Run Theatre, Cinema Theatre, Huntington

Appearance: 6. Old in a kinda old-timey way, rustic way but cozy despite the lack of screens.
Prices: 10-5. Awesomely cheap. $3.00 and $2.00 before 6pm ($5.00). BUT -5 because it doesn't play new releases.
Food: 7. Pretty good but this is where they make their money I suppose.
Punk kids: 2. Not really. Even at movies where you expect punk kids.

Total Score = 16/30


RedZeppelin said...

Great info! I never go to the theater anymore so I can't comment on your reviews. I'll just add my own.

Cinema de RedZeppelin (my house).

Appearance: 1. Cracked walls. Drafty. Cramped. T.V. isn't widescreen or HD. Toys scattered everywhere.
Prices: 10. $9 gets me all the movies I can watch in a month.
Food: 8. Quite a variety and great prices.
Punk Kids: 0, not counting me.

Total - 19/30.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I agree with Red. We do Netflix, which also allows us unlimited "watch it now" features. We can watch a movie on any of our PCs at any time, any number of times. The Evil Twin prefers to get his DVDs from them in the mail, though. I also buy good snacks (and can cook like a madwoman) and we have a BATV (big ass TV for regular viewing).

I think HOME gets a perfect 30. :-)

Chris James said...

You ever get to go to the Keith-Albee?

Scream Queen said...

Sometimes watching a movie at home in PJs is perfect, but even with a wide screen TV I still prefer to see some movies on the cinema big screen. Plus, there's quit a few movies that I want to see when they're released. If I wait until they hit DVD, all of the surprises are leaked all over the net and the news :-(

There's nothing like being excited to see a film and finding the perfect seats in the cinema ... and getting settled in with popcorn just before the lights dim and the previews start. It's one of those things that make me remember some of the child-like excitement that as grownups we tend to forget.

All Click said...

RZ: Thanks for your home review! Unfortunately you lose 10 points for punk kids, as that includes yourself.

ETW: Home does score well but there is something special about the big screen :-) I've tried watching movies on my computer before and it's not bad...but the size is too small, and my speakers suck! lol

SQ: Thanks for the comment! Going to the cinema rocks!
CJ: I'd like to see a movie there! I bet a scary movie would be pretty cool.