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06 October, 2008

Tax breaks for all!

Yay! Tax breaks!......Does it? Perhaps. But it certainly doesn't break the mining industry's banks thanks to the bail out. Incredibly bad puns aside, I was a little surprised to read about this. I didn't even know the mining industry was in trouble. I was just thinking to myself the other day, if anyone needs a tax break it's those mining companies.

The comments (oh, how I love comments on news stories) are mixed. Pointing fingers at Republicans, no democrats, no it's Rahall and Byrd and so on. If you supported the bail out, and hence are FOR coal then you are a bad person. If you are Joe Biden and say you are against coal then you are a bad person. I'm glad I'm not famous sometimes.

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RedZeppelin said...

What pisses me off is that the knuckleheads in the House voted for essentially the same bill they voted down just days before. The only difference was $100 billion in pork. WTF?