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20 October, 2008

New attempts

I consider myself a problem-solver. I love doing puzzles, playing video games and listening to others and I think all those three things tie into problem-solving. I like searching for solutions and not just picking the first and easiest but coming up with a few and trying them out, see how they fit and whether or not they were as a good idea as when I first thought of it.

A consistent problem with me is not staying focused, not staying organized, procrastination and prioritizing. I have to try and work on this everyday. My latest attempt to try and tackle this involves getting back to basics. I wrote a list of everything I need to do. I've tried this in the past and I kept it somewhere at home where I would see it every morning. Trouble is the things I needed to do usually involved me being somewhere else and I would completely forget my list.

So, I toyed with the idea of putting the list on a string around my neck. I just happen to have a name tag holder-thing that would be perfect. I have even thought about writing "ASK ME WHAT I NEED TO DO TODAY" to further help me. Would that be just too weird? Would that foster a dependence on others to remind me and get my own brain off the hook? I think it would really help me so would that justify doing a slightly odd thing? Perhaps I could pretend I was involved in some sort of memory study. I haven't got to this stage yet. The list right now is in my pocket...and writing on my blog isn't even on it.

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