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09 October, 2008

WV Blog chat - with RedZeppelin - Part 2

Part two of my interview with RedZeppelin. If you are interested in signing up for the Allclick interview treatment then let me know at allclicknopoint at gmail dot com.

Allclick: Sometimes I get a little slack at responding to comments. I usually feel like I'm the conversation stopper.
RedZeppelin: A blog about David Lynch or Quinten Tarantino movies isn't going to do much for me. I have zero fascination with fire or feet.
It's tough to find that balance between letting people comment and responding to them enough so they feel like you value their thoughts.
Allclick: Have you overcome the "0 comments" message that flashes back at you like a neon sign outside a shady nightclub?
RedZeppelin: Honestly I was only worried about it at first. Then I reminded myself that first and foremost I'm blogging for myself.
After all, I read several blogs and don't comment on every post.
Allclick: That should be the bloggers creed. Blog for yourself.
RedZeppelin: Amen.
Allclick: Sometimes it disappoints me still. Usually when I feel it's an important topic but no-one else seems to think so.
RedZeppelin: I fully admit that much of what I write about is of no interest to anyone but myself.
Allclick: And then when I post something completely stupid everyone says something.
RedZeppelin: Naturally.
But at the end of the day if you're writing for anyone but yourself without getting paid for it you're doing it wrong.
Allclick: and by everyone I of course refer to the 25 people who search for "weather clip art" on google and end up on my blog.
RedZeppelin: Hah.
Allclick: How do you feel about those that DO get paid? Or make money from their blog with adsense or whatnot
RedZeppelin: I found yours by searching for "I hate the Dutch"
Allclick: ha there is a phrase I have picked up since being here "What not" I don't even know if it's two words or one!
RedZeppelin: Or was it "Margaret Thatcher nude"?
I can't remember.
Allclick: Ha! My hatred also extends to Dutch Miller by the way.
(Thanks to our Sponsor "Dutch Miller")
RedZeppelin: I think it's awesome if people can make money off their blogs. I'd be very flattered if enough people gave a darn about my thoughts and opinions to make my blog profitable.
It's that every blogger's dream? To sit back and blog all day and get paid for it?
Not mine.
Allclick: Just thinking about Margaret Thatcher nude is enough to want me to delete my blog just in case I accidentally DID make a post about such a subject...and then poke both my eyes out.
RedZeppelin: Well, it will be on there now.
Allclick: That's an interesting question. I have wished I could make money by blogging all day. But i'd also hate to have that immense pressure to "perform".
RedZeppelin: Your audience will skyrocket!
Allclick: pokes eyes out
I wonder if the folks at WSAZ are forced to do their blogs.
If i make the number one slot on google for "Margaret thatcher nude" I'll buy you a beer.
RedZeppelin: Oh, I'm sure.
I'll hold you to that. Since you're buying make it a Newcastle Brown.
Of course if I'm buying it's Old Milwaukee.

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