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29 June, 2007

Mars...not just a chocolate bar

I had a toy truck when I was a kid. It took a load of batteries that cost almost as much as the truck, and needed an equally large amount of batteries in the remote control for it. I loved it but the range was only about 25 feet or so. I would watch it get to the end of my driveway and then slowly roll into a bush.

Mars is almost 35 million miles away from the Earth. Pretty far. That's about 1400 times around the Earth. It's difficult to imagine such a distance let alone the thought that at this moment there is a small, toy buggy roaming around on the surface of Mars taking piccies and enjoying the quiet time. Even harder to contemplate is that it is being controlled by someone 35 million miles away. (click on the piccie for the story)

If only NASA had of designed me a truck instead.

UPDATE: See RedZeppelin's post on the same subject here.


RedZeppelin said...

Heh! I blogged about the same story. Great minds, and all that.

It's nice to know someone else shares my fascination with the rovers.

All Click said...

I had even checked your blog earlier today so we must have posted around the same time :-p

I love all those geeky space stories. Especially cool pics like the ones of the Mars surface.