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11 June, 2007

Wholesome fun

It's probably not a term used that often. Unless of course you are speaking a lot with myself as I tend to use it all the time and probably in an ironic way. Wholesome fun. I'd like to say that all my fun is wholesome but I must admit i'm pretty partial to playing Grand Theft Auto and end up watching pretty violent, bloody, or scary movies. not exactly the activity of choice on The Waltons. Needless to say, I did enjoy myself playing an at-home version of pictionary this weekend. Movie based pictionary using a white board, a big book about movies and some washable markers. It didn't take very much to set up and it certainly didn't cost much. In a world where wii's are praised for getting kids to move and play video games and Apple iphones are eagerly awaited I think there is still a place for playing silly games at home and flexing your brain a little. So go look in your cupboards, basements, attics and get out your old board games and give it a go...and then invite me over.
By the way, does anyone remember watching Win, lose or draw? bonus points if Danny Baker was on it...or if you know who Danny Baker is.


KRR said...

Did you happen to get "Turner and Hooch" as one of the movies you had to draw? :P hmmm danny baker? Must be the host of the British version of WLoD 8-)

Spike Nesmith said...

Danny Baker - cockney and bald and friend to "In Bed With MeDinner"'s Bob Mills... later host of W,L or D. ;)