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08 June, 2007

Quick Fix: Extra

Reading through my email this morning I spotted this article which is kinda relevant to my quick fix post from earlier this week. Although I am a fan of advanced technology and geeky gadgets I can't help but think that this kind of invention pushes society away from looking at itself and changing lifestyle and beliefs about losing weight and instead pushes it towards taking a diet pill that will make you feel full. Will this invention stop kids from demanding junk food and snacking? I very much doubt it. I expect they will read about this and eat to their hearts/stomachs content knowing that when they ARE large there is always a pill to take to "cure" them. I think Sandon puts the argument more succinctly that I can in the article so read her comments on it and muse awhile.

Then again it is Friday.


Chris James said...

When I stress eat, feeling full has nothing to do with when I stop.

It wouldn't work for me.

All Click said...

Hey Chris. Thanks for the comment! Try popcorn when your stress eating...and throw a couple of Tums in there too. Works a treat.