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20 June, 2007

Ten fun things to try in a restaurant*

*Just for fun, don't go do these things kids.

1) Ask for the "All-Meat" salad and see what comes out. If they ask you what this is look at the waiter with disgust.

2) Whilst holding a menu ask for another menu...with better food.

3) Ask for a table that is aligned with your star sign. Bonus points if you make a star sign up.

4) Assume that every question asked by the staff is one expected to be debated.

5) Order something not on the menu. Then start crying when they point this out. Bonus points for making up a new dish.

6) When asked what you would like to order say "What would YOU want me to order?"

7) When by yourself, ask for the largest table and order a water for each of the empty seats. Then every time the waiter comes past your table keep glancing at your watch and looking impatient. When asked where the rest of the party is say "What do you mean? They are already here".

8) Make a tiny fort from the sugar packets and salt and pepper shakers and demand to be addressed as "Lord of the Restaurant"

9) Keep asking to be moved to a different table stating loudly that you think some other diners and waiting to steal your food. Pick up your plate and guard it with your life.

10) Start eating your food and then declare loudly "Is it hot in here, or is it just the salmonella?


KRR said...

I'll do four of the suggestions on the list the next time we eat together in a restaurant :P

All Click said...

well who will do the other 6?? :-p