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17 June, 2007

Alan Wake

This game looks super sweet. Self labeled it is a "Psychological Action Thriller" which brings to mind the thought of Freud running across rooftops solving murders. This is a far cry from the game (disappointingly but not suprisingly) and is instead about a best selling horror writer who gets swept into his own story world. I think there is something to do with his dreams as well, which will be a familiar theme to anyone who has played the Max Payne games made by the same company Remedy Entertainment. Not due for a release until 2008 but you can take a look at the sweet Alan Wake website and stare in awe at some of the visually stunning screenshots..oh and take a goosey gander at the movies too.


RedZeppelin said...

Will this be available for the 360? I've been hoping for a game with good frights ala "Silent Hill" for it.

All Click said...

Yep this will be on the Xbox 360 and for the PC.

There is a game called Left 4 Dead coming out soon too which looks creepy. I'll post more about it soon :-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should post your review of Penumbra with some updates about the release of part deux! I thought that was an enjoyable, engaging, creepy game. Ooo devil dogs!